Foot scrapers also are known as callus shavers have been around for a while now. Foot scrapers are tools used to rid the feet of calluses. Their primary function is the intense treatment of skin grafts and calluses. Most foot shavers at Rank Dome feature either with a ceramic or metal blade the blades being really sharp and potentially good.

Our feet are one of the most overlooked part of the body, most people pay little to no attention to them. That led our team to begin an in-depth research on the best foot scrapers available. Traditionally, most people make use of manual/traditional foot scrapers, in more recent year’s electric foot scrapers have grown in popularity as they bypass the hard work of having to actually scrape the calluses away.

Below, we will discuss extensively on a few of the best foot scrapers available on the open market, how to choose the perfect scraper and how to effectively make use of one.

  • First and foremost, we have “Amope Pedi wet & dry rechargeable foot file”: This foot scraper is known to gently buff away rough, calloused skin without much effort from the user’s They are also waterproof; this feature is especially great as you can give yourself a private pedicure session in the comfort of your shower. Perhaps most importantly, this product features a rechargeable battery.
  • Consequently, we have the “Probelle 2- sided hypoallergenic Nickel foot file for callus trimming and callus removal: This foot scraper makes it easier for sanitizing while preventing skin damage. This product has a smooth handle featuring a sturdy metal surface (made of nickel). The 2- sided trimming surfaces makes this product even more versatile.
  • Furthermore, we present to you the “Electric callus remover and shaver by naturalico”:

This foot scraper has two scrapping speeds, this tool is designed to enable you to customize your pedi experience. You can choose between exfoliating a lot at once or a little for a longer period of time. This blade is designed to remove a lot of skin each second, the producers of this foot scraper claim that the blade on this foot scraper spins for about 40 times/sec. It’s simple basic mathematics, more spins mean more scrapes.

  • Next up, we have some good products This particular product has a very simple design devoid of fancy additions. This callus remover is used for eradicating callus that can be found on the bottom of the feet. The producers of this foot scraper have been generous enough to offer 10 free blade refills for each purchase made.
  • At Rank Dome, We present to you the “NYK1 foot rasp”: This product is one of the largest and most usable ped egg foot scrapers, they make use of micro file technology. This product is available at just a fraction of the price that other similar products are sold for.

Electric Callus Remover & Shaver by Naturalico

Naturalico Electric Remover has the powerful motor, which spins the roller with the speed of over 40 rotations second. It allows you remove the dead skin as well as calluses at the rapid speeds. This is been powered by the internal rechargeable battery that is made from 1,000 recharges. This has the two speeds, thus you may decide your comfort level. With the LED light built in, you may view the calluses and the rough spots with complete precision. Totally water-resistant, this can also be used on dry and wet skin.

Emjoi MicroPedi POWER

Emjoi Micro-Pedi remover is the powerful and salon style of callus remover. This has the cord, which plugs into the electrical outlets, it means the power is very consistent and does not fade like with the battery operated the system. Roller spins 47times every second and removing the calluses and the dry skin without any repeated rubbing. Roller has got micro mineral particles that will remove calluses as well as dry skin faster than the manual scrapers.

The grip is rubberized that will give you the firm hold. This comes with the extra course roller and giving you the total of two rollers. The power supply is used anywhere, right from 100 to 240v. But, it is on the higher end of price scale.

Callus Remover By PediSoft

The PediSoft Electric Remover is been powered by the Nickel and Cadmium Batteries, it means that the replacement batteries will not be needed. The battery lasts for over 40 minutes.  This has the simple design with one button action. IF you want to know more about the products and information then visit our site at Rank Dome.

The PediSoft Remover is totally water resistant and allowing this to accommodate dry and wet skin. But, it isn’t intended get immersed in the water and used in the shower.