The first thing that you should know while selecting a birthday gift for your girlfriend is to know her. Yes girls are very difficult to understand and every girl has her own specific taste regarding gifts. You should know her likes and dislikes very well to give a perfect gift that would please her. If you are unaware of her choices, it would be a real tough task to select something for her that she likes. Below are some of the gift ideas that you can choose from depending on the likes and dislikes of your girl. Gifting your girlfriend is rather easy than gifting to anyone else in your social circle because you have so many choices as there are no limits to a gift in this aspect. From recreating your memories to giving material gifts, everything would be appreciated, all what matters would be the taste! Let us have a look on some of the basic ideas from which you can take guidance to create a best and most memorable gift.

Recreate your first meeting experience
Girls are emotional and they love the effort you put in creating gifts for her. She would definitely not look on the material aspect of the gift rather she would enjoy the effort you would put to make a gift for her. In this regard recreating your memories would be the best thing. Do you remember your first date? Girls are expert of remembering the dates and events. If you also remember that you would definitely be considered a best boyfriend. If you do remember, consider recreating everything that you guys did on first date. She would love that. This will depict your feelings that you still cherish your relationship at the same level as you did in the beginning.

Every couple has some special moments and recreating them can be really nice. You can take help from one of your friend to help you in this thing. In most cases first date is always special and everyone tries to make it best similarly you can put effort to make the birthday special as well. This would not only cherish your memories but will also make your girlfriend feel a lot special.

Clothes and Jewelry-Girls love it!

We all know that girls love clothes. This is a gift that every girl enjoys. The only requirement is that you should know what type and color she likes most. A matching jewelry would be a prominent addition. If you know what she likes you can make a perfect combination. There are so many options in dresses and jewelry. When we talk about dresses there are jeans, tops, skirts, blouses and a lot more. Purchase a perfect combo and wrap up in a sizzling gift wrap to surprise your girlfriend. Similarly, jewelry has so many options. If you do not have enough money to invest in gold, silver or diamond you can take an option from artificial jewelry. These are especially good because there are more styles in artificial jewelry as compared to gold and diamond. For a better selection you can check out stonefoot.

Do you know cooking?
Some girls claim that they love when their boy cooks. If you know cooking this is the best thing that you can do for her. If your cooking skills are good then take advantage of this thing and cook something special for her. On her birthday, you can throw a party and cook stuff yourself. Preparing a nice meal would win her heart and this is going to be the best thing in her mind for a number of coming years. The effort you would put in cooking will keep a mark on her mind!

Refresh your memories:

How much time you have spent together, if there is being a lot of time then a very good gift is to make a collage for her. This is easy and would cost nothing big. Just select some memorable pictures and make a collage to surprise her.

Nice smell-everybody’s favorite:

There is no one in this world who does not like nice smell, surely your girl would love that. If you have some nice budget and want to invest in her gift, a very nice option is to gift her a perfume. There are so many brands that smell too good especially for ladies perfume. You can add perfume to a gift basket as well. Gift baskets are a very nice way to surprise her. When she would open the basket and find some nice stuff inside she would be really happy. In a gift basket, perfume and spa items could be the most prominent things. In order to make baskets more attractive, you can add chocolates and candies inside. If you need some help, stonefoot can be of great help.

Birthdays are always a nice day to make your special ones happy, you should never take risk and spoil it with indecent plans. There are so many ideas that can be implemented to make your girl happy. But you have to be very vigilant and research some ideas to reach a proper plan. If you want to make the event more special, you can make plans for full day with small surprises all over the day. You can take her to dine out and can make arrangements to surprise her over there too.