All of us love wine, and they need not have to be cocktail as even the mocktail ones will do good on a special occasion. So if you are a wine-lover as well, here are some of the wine destinations that you have to know in order to get the best wine from around the world, since you don’t get to take a sip of them very often.,

Top 5 Wine Destinations of the World

so let’s get to the list:

Okanagan Valley, British Columbia:

Okanagan is one of the best places in the world for wine tasting. Some of the best quality world across the globe are found here. In case if you didn’t know, there are a lot of grape varieties, and each of them carries a special taste when they are made into wine. Okanagan alone has about 60 different types of grapes growing there and is the reason as to why we called Okanagan as the home of wine and the place belongs to the province of British.

Finger Lakes in NewYork:

After giving the credits of first place to Columbia British, it is the Finger Lakes that is located in the New York zone. With more than 100 wineries present in that particular location, there is a large scope for making and that is the reason as to why they are termed as the largest winemakers located in one of the major locations of the world. Work takes places day in and day out here as grapes are seasonal, but wine is required all through the year.

Bordeaux, France:

Bordeaux is the third largest producer of wine across the win. But when it comes to quality and taste, it surpasses all the others in the world. This is largely recognised as the hometown of wines, and a lot of people visit this place every single year only to get the taste of the wine that is manufactured. You can also be a part of the tour and then get an opportunity to taste some of the amazing wine breeds of the world.


Next, on the list, we have Spain, again one of the largest known places when it comes to wine.  The funniest part of calling Spain the largest producer of wine in the world is that in Spain the growth of grapes is pretty much less here and grapes very scarcely grow here. But with the grapes that they get from the neighbouring countries like America and France and most grape produce there.


Argentina is again one of the top-notch producers of wine in and around the US continental. There is close to 8% growth in the production of wine that hasn’t taken place in any other country. While others remain to sit tight in their positions, it was Argentina that came out with this development of about 8% that is quite unimaginable.