Long before we became musicians … We all knew the value of a good pair of headphones, right? For the older ones … Bose was the best brand. For children today is Beats by Dre . But now that you’re with this entire home studio”, you start wondering … Will those headphones work? Or maybe the studio headphones are different? Well the reality is that … the recording studios use 2 very specific types of headphones for 2 very specific purposes, see earbuds under 50 reviews.

  • Closed headphones – used to record tracks.
  • Open headphones – used to mix.

If you are looking for a good pair of either of the two types, in this post I will show you the best options by far in the following two sections. Check out the earbuds under 50 reviews.

9c-closed back headphones

The 6 Best Closed Heads to Record Tracks. When recording tracks in the studio … The most important thing about a good pair of closed headphones is that they provide maximum isolation. So musicians can monitor the mix while they play …Without the sound mixing with what is recording the microphone, which would ruin the shot. Among the best models in the market …

  1. Sennheiser HD280 Pro

Sennheiser HD280 ProMost likely, you’ve already heard about them … Because the  Sennheiser HD280 Pro  are commonly known in the world as the industry standard for closed headphones. That said, I’m the first to admit that …They are not especially glamorous, and … They do not have any special characteristics to brag about. But what they can boast of is that they are probably the most popular recording headphones in the world. And although they may not have the BEST sound you’ve heard … they perform their function well. I highly recommend them for both beginner studies and advanced studies. Those who do not like the HD280 , it is very likely that they are fiercely loyal to these instead …

  1. Sony MDR-7506

The closest competitor, and maybe the only real competition of the HD280 are …

The legendary Sony MDR-7506.

Compared with the HD280:

They are equally affordable.

They are equally durable.

They provide the same level of insulation.

And some consider them a little better in SET … I am among them.

Having used both, I find the MDR-7506 a bit better in both comfort and sound quality, and after analyzing the opinions of users, I have found others who also agree.

But seeing that both are SO popular and that many musicians are demanding with their headphones…

It may be a good idea to have a pair of each on hand, and so everyone is happy.

For 90% of those who are reading this, I recommend you stop here and choose one of the first two options on the list.

For those who still want more, let’s continue …did you see the best earbuds under 50.

  1. Extreme Isolation EX-29

Extreme Isolation EX-29 are a pair of unique headphones designed with a specific goal in mind:

Maximum isolation

Designed by a battery and designed FOR batteries…

These headphones compete with the isolation of many industrial hearing protectors!

Oddly enough, when reading their features they only have 29dB of noise attenuation. It’s an impressive number, if … But there are many other headphones that offer an equal or even higher number. However, from both personal experience and the opinions of users, it is clear that the EX-29s isolate the sound better than any of them.

The explanation for earbuds under 50 reviews

According to product descriptions, most headphones measure attenuation only on ONE frequency. But the EX-29 measures the MEDIA attenuation in a WIDE range of frequencies. And as we all know, low frequencies are MUCH harder to block than high frequencies. Although I agree that they are uglier than a demon, if your priority number 1 is to obtain maximum isolation… I strongly recommend you take a look. It would be very easy to spend a lot of money and choose the 10 best and most expensive, but we have selected headphones for all tastes and all types like the best of 2017 and 2018. We have from less than 20 euros to 1000 euros, so that there is a wide range to choose from.

From the cheapest headphones to the most expensive headphones, to watch movies or to take those on the street, small headphones or with bluetooth, and of course the best headphones to listen to music. Wireless headphones are most often used at home or to be carried with us when we do not want cables to bother us. The most popular format to transmit music wirelessly is Bluetooth, but we must bear in mind that we are going to sacrifice some sound quality. Some of the new headphones support aptX Bluetooth that offers better sound quality. Have a look at the earbuds under 50 reviews.

It is not going to be an easy task to buy the best headphones, especially if you do not know what type you are interested in buying. Here you have a small summary with the main advantages and disadvantages when buying one or the other. These are the headphones that we considered that we had to talk about them. Now comes the most complicated part, choose. If what you are looking for is a headset that has a quality sound in bass and treble, that is comfortable and that you can control your Apple device , we are without a doubt with the Sennheiser MM 30 since for about 32 € you will have what you are looking for as the earbuds under 50 reviews.

We are already preparing several posts with comparisons of headphones to shed a little more light on this crucial issue and thus help you choose the headphones that suit you according to your tastes and especially your budget.