An air fryer is a kitchen appliance. It uses circulating hot air at high speed to cook food The food becomes crispy due to the Maillard effect. The Maillard effect is a reaction between the amino acids and reducing sugars, due to which the food turns brown forming a new aroma and a different flavor. This cannot be achieved with an oven as it uses a different technology to cook food.

The power air fryer XL uses rapid air technology. The technology uses a heating element placed at the top. It generates radiant heat and accelerates and heats the air inside. The food is placed above the floor so that the heating air flows air all sides.

How is it different?

The power air fryer XL is a multi cooking kitchen apparatus. It has 7 built-in functions. Therefore it easily replaces ovens, grills, toasters, microwaves, and every other cooking appliance in the kitchen. As it uses a 360-degree cooking technology, the food is cooked quickly, evenly, and also has great taste.

As it has stainless steel cooking racks placed at the center, one needs not to stop cooking and flip sides frequently.

Another special stand out feature of the power air fryer is its dehydrator. This helps in drying fruits, herbs, and many more products. This helps to avoid sugar or salt which is a healthy option to dry foods.

Key features

  • It comes in 2 sizes namely 6 Quarts and 8 quarts. The 6 quarts can fit in 9 * 5-inch pizza easily. 8 Quarts fryer is bigger than the 6 quarts
  • It works on 1700 watts
  • There are 8 preset cooking programs. One can also set up the cooking program manually. This saves a lot of time from playing around with the temperature settings. Just drop the food in and press a single button and the appliance begins to cook food.
  • It has 3 airflow racks and an oil drip tray
  • The food can be flipped without stopping the cooking. In other words, one need not restart the cooking instead can just pause it
  • The power cord is 44 inches long
  • The racks are removable and hence cleaning is easy and simple. The wall sides can be cleaned after removing the racks by using any non 0 abrasive soap. While cleaning makes sure the air vent at the back of the appliance does not get blocked.

Benefits of power air fryer

  • No use of oil – The rapid airflow technology makes the food crispy outside and soft from inside. This ultimately reduces calorie intake by 80 to 100%. Therefore one consumes very less trans fats. However, it also allows spraying oil which completely depends on the choice of the consumer.
  • The technology drains out harmful fat as it uses the technology of flushing cyclonic air on all sides. This makes it ideal to prepare grilling sausages and other meat reducing fat consumption greatly.
  • It is ideal for preparing a meal for house parties, big family or friends group as it can grill up to 10 skewers simultaneously. Also, the appliance is compact rather than the big ovens taking away maximum space in the kitchen shelves.
  • The front door and the frying tray are also removable. This makes the inside cleaning very easy.
  • The power air fryer xl reviews say that the Cooking time of the air fryer is rapid as compared to the traditional appliances like a roaster, baker, grilling units, or the deep frying units. Even french fries can be made without using oil in the air fryer over. As it saves time, a lot of electricity is also saved!
  • It ends the worries of the oil spill or the fear of greasy kitchen cleaning. No more grime splattering around the walls of the kitchen. It also prevents the tolerating odor of oil fry that smokes the house at times.
  • There are 8 cooking programs which can be preset by the user. The fryer uses touch screen technology to set the programs
  • The fryer has a 60-day money-back or replacement warranty.
  • It does not demand preheating. Therefore it is much faster than the traditional ovens
  • The racks are evenly spaced which provide enough space for the air inside the oven to flow on all 3 racks evenly.
  • The fryer comes with rotisserie spit, forks, rotating mesh food basket, 10 stainless steel skewers, rotisserie fetch, and also a recipe book
  • There are 3 cooking books included in the purchase. They are separated for frying, dehydrating, and rotisserie purposes.
  • It also has an adjustable timer and a temperature controller which allows 360 degrees Fahrenheit control
  • The front door is made of crystal glass. This allows viewing the food without opening the fryer.

How economical and user friendly it is?

  • Fits in for a small kitchen perfectly. It is best for users who opt for a multi cooking appliance, who hate to dump the kitchen floor and workspace with too many electrical goods
  • The innovative technology fulfills all types of cooking involved from frying to baking without oil
  • As it does not require oil even for frying, it reduces fat consumption and thereby reduces the risk of type II diabetes, obesity, and other cardiovascular diseases.
  • As there are several racks, one can prepare several foods simultaneously. This saves time and electricity to a great extent
  • The power air fryer xl reviews say that as the appliance is compact it can be easily placed on countertops or tables.