Kratom powder is the most commonly available form of Kratom in the market. It’s easily absorbed and acts fast, so you’ll feel the effects within minutes, depending on how much you take. It’s also the most versatile as you can prepare and adjust it to match your goal.  Here are the different ways how to use Kratom for the best results.

Read the recommendations

Some companies recommend how much Kratom powder to take per day. Depending on the kratom strain, you can take 2g-8g of Kratom powder per day. 1 teaspoon can hold roughly 4 grams of Kratom powder, although you can use a small digital scale for a more accurate dosing

Toss and Wash

A common practice is done by those who are in a hurry. However, Kratom powder can stick to the roof of your mouth as well as your throat. To do the toss and wash to make consuming it easy without coughing and choking:

  • Measure out your preferred amount of Kratom. Place it in a really small cup to prevent spillage and make it easy to ingest.
  • Have water or juice ready. Water is okay, but Kratom can have a strong earthy, grassy flavor. For those who have a sensitive palate, a glass of juice will be perfect.
  • Toss a portion of the powder in your mouth, then wash it down with a couple of swallows of liquid.
  • Continue to take a portion at a time, follow it with a drink until you consume all of the kratom powder.

Take your time to do the toss and wash. The last thing you want to happen is you coughing out the powder or gagging. It takes patience, and with continued practice, you’ll get used to the taste.

Add it to food

You can add Kratom to smoothies, juices. Juices are best because the acidity can help break down the alkaloids found in Kratom. You can mix with yogurt or your protein shake for a healthier option to make the absorption easier without compromising the absorption rate. Should you want a sweeter option, you can add it to your chocolate recipe.

Be careful not to mix Kratom powder with any hot food. Intense heat can ruin the good compounds found in Kratom so only add it to warm or cold food items.

Put it in capsules

If you can’t take the taste of Kratom powder, you can make a capsule of your own. You can use 000 capsules that you can purchase online and fill them with your preferred Kratom strain or mix. What’s good about making your own capsule is that you can customize it by mixing your favorite strains.

You don’t need special equipment for filling the capsules; just a simple spoon and a capsule filling funnel will suffice. It is time-consuming, and you can always get a 100-hole capsule filling machine to make it faster. However, make that investment only if you plan to do this long-term.

Kratom Tea

Something is soothing and relaxing when you drink a warm cup of tea. Get the same pleasurable experience with Kratom by steeping Kratom powder in warm, pre-boiled water. To make your tea:

  • Boil water and let it cool for 2-3 minutes so that it’s warm enough to extract all the alkaloids, but not too hot that you destroy the compounds.
  • While waiting, place your preferred amount of Kratom in a cup. Squeeze a bit of lemon juice to encourage the extraction.
  • Once the water is at the perfect temperature, pour it over the Kratom powder.
  • Let it steep for 15-20 minutes, then strain. Repeat the straining until the tea is sediment-free.

Once you know how to use Kratom powder, it’s going to be easy for you to take advantage of its effects. You can control your intake and measure just how much you need to get the results you need.