If you are suffering from chronic back pain or even acute one, you certainly would be open to various ways and means by which you can overcome the problem. There are many ways by which back pain is treated, managed and perhaps even prevented. Rest, use of painkillers and other such things are the most common. However, we all know that painkillers and NSAIDS cannot be used for long period of time. Hence, if you have a case of chronic back pain, then it may not be feasible to be on high doses of NSAIDs for decades and years at length. It could lead to side effects and could damage the kidney, liver and also could lead to increased blood pressure and higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is therefore common for people to look for a non-invasive and non-drug related treatment for managing back pain that is chronic in nature. Amongst the many non-invasive methods of treatment, choosing the best inversion tables for back pain is now becoming quite common and widely practiced. It is being used by many scores of people in the country and perhaps thousands across the world. But the moot question which comes to the minds of the people is whether it is worth investing time, money and effort in these equipments or are there better choices. Let us try and find answers for the same over the next few lines.

What Are They In The First Place?

Inversion tables have been designed to relieve the gravitations pressure of the spine and give rest to your nerve roots according to some experts. The main objective is to try and remove the gravitational force and also help in giving relief to patients from muscle spasms and also prevent spinal compression. There are many doctors who believe that using these inversion tables and following some well thought out inversion therapy could provide the required traction force. This in turn could help quite a bit in decompressing and freeing up spinal discs. When this happens, the root of the nerves are also free and this leads to immense relief from back pain, which for many could be excruciating to say the least.

Apart from the above there are some journals and research papers which also mention that these inversion tables could play a big role in improving circulation and also in combating stress which is so very common amongst many of us. These tables come in different price ranges and could range from $150 to around $675 for models which are suitable for home use. The motorized versions which are used in gyms and chiropractic centers are expensive and they could cost around $2000 because they are motorized and computerized. They come in different sizes and are adjusted keeping in mind the weight and heights of the users. The users have to shift their center of gravity and this is done by putting up their arms.

Is It A Worthwhile Investment

Now coming to the main question, there are many who believe that investing in inversion tables is a good move. This is because it not only gives relief from back injury but also prevents it from going from bad to worse. It could also avoid a situation where a back surgery might become inevitable. Around 77% of people who went through inversion tables for managing their backache and sciatica problems could avoid surgery while the remaining 23% had to go through because they used some other method of treatments. Hence, there are reasons to believe that investing in a good inversion table is not a bad decision at all. It could also lead to reduced absenteeism from work and improve productivity amongst the work force. There are some research studies which have proven that doing regular inversion therapy with a good quality table could also improve and increase the space between vertebrae and this could also go a long way in reducing back pain.

However There Are Some Concerns

But it would not be right to state that there are no downsides to the use of these inversion tables. When the body is put in an upside down position, it is unnatural and goes against the force of gravity. This leads to increased blood pressure and the pressure in the eyes also increases quite substantially. Therefore patients who suffer from glaucoma and uncontrolled blood sugar are not allowed to be a part of inversion therapies. They should therefore stay away from buying these equipments because in most cases they will not be able to use them unless the blood pressure and glaucoma related complications are corrected. You must get in touch with a doctor if you have a circulatory problem, a cardiovascular problem or if you have some heart problems. You must bear in mind that when your body is upside down, the heart beat gets reduced quite significantly and this could lead to build up of blood pressure. There have been instances where people have become dizzy when trying inversion therapy. They should avoid doing it too fast.

It would always be better to start slowly and restrict the inversion to just around 15 degrees. Further you should not spend more than five minutes at a time doing these inversion therapies at that too during the first few days. This again is mentioned clearly in some famous medical journals and magazines.

It Could Work Well With Other Treatments

While there is no doubt that there are some positives as far as inversion tables are concerned, we have to bear in mind a few things. It has been found that this form of treatment may not yield the best of results on its own. At best it can offer symptomatic treatment and that too only for a short period of time. A better way forward would be to combine inversion table therapy with other chiropractic and physiotherapy solutions. This could be long lasting and make the patient feel better. It could also perhaps lead to reversal of back pain completely in some cases.