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Since 1999 our ten member group has met monthly helping each other learn about wine; from the nuances of bouquet, and the tradition of vintage, to the fusion of food and wine.  At our gatherings we travel ‘via the vine’—sampling and savoring wines from around the world.


about us

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Divas Uncorked 2005 Chardonnay was served as guests commented on the recent ’86’ rating we received for our wine to be published in the June issue of Wine Enthusiast Magazine.


This section is designed to introduce you to all of the favorite products (including wine) and locations that we have tried and tested. You can purchase them from us and share them with your friends. Happy tasting!


Mendocino Wine Company lets the grapes speak for themselves. Its wines are 100% a product of Mendocino County, California, and benefit from the grape growing tradition begun 150 years ago by Italian immigrants.


Welcome to Divas Uncorked!

We’ve expanded our gatherings to include special wine centered activities, along the way fostering relationships with vintners, sommeliers, and wine educators.

And, we’ve taken our private education public– since 2001 hosting Vintner Dinners and our annual “Wine, Women and …” Conferences. And this year we launched the first Martha’s Vineyard Wine and Food Festival. We’ve hit the road to visit California vineyards in Napa, Sonoma and most recently South Africa.

We are happy to announce that our adventures have led us to create and blend our own private label with the Mendocino Wine Company, Divas Uncorked Chardonnay!

Making life more enjoyable.

Uncork your inner Diva!  To sip and swirl with us click the bottle to the left and be among the first to enjoy our wine in your home.

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The Definitive Guide to Studio Headphones for a Home Studio

Long before we became musicians … We all knew the value of a good pair of headphones, right? For the older ones … Bose was the best brand. For children today is Beats by Dre . But now that you’re with this entire home studio”, you start wondering … Will those headphones work? Or maybe the studio headphones are different? Well the reality is that … the recording studios use 2 very specific types of headphones for 2 very specific purposes, see earbuds under 50 reviews.

  • Closed headphones – used to record tracks.
  • Open headphones – used to mix.

If you are looking for a good pair of either of the two types, in this post I will show you the best options by far in the following two sections. Check out the earbuds under 50 reviews.

9c-closed back headphones

The 6 Best Closed Heads to Record Tracks. When recording tracks in the studio … The most important thing about a good pair of closed headphones is that they provide maximum isolation. So musicians can monitor the mix while they play …Without the sound mixing with what is recording the microphone, which would ruin the shot. Among the best models in the market …

  1. Sennheiser HD280 Pro

Sennheiser HD280 ProMost likely, you’ve already heard about them … Because the  Sennheiser HD280 Pro  are commonly known in the world as the industry standard for closed headphones. That said, I’m the first to admit that …They are not especially glamorous, and … They do not have any special characteristics to brag about. But what they can boast of is that they are probably the most popular recording headphones in the world. And although they may not have the BEST sound you’ve heard … they perform their function well. I highly recommend them for both beginner studies and advanced studies. Those who do not like the HD280 , it is very likely that they are fiercely loyal to these instead …

  1. Sony MDR-7506

The closest competitor, and maybe the only real competition of the HD280 are …

The legendary Sony MDR-7506.

Compared with the HD280:

They are equally affordable.

They are equally durable.

They provide the same level of insulation.

And some consider them a little better in SET … I am among them.

Having used both, I find the MDR-7506 a bit better in both comfort and sound quality, and after analyzing the opinions of users, I have found others who also agree.

But seeing that both are SO popular and that many musicians are demanding with their headphones…

It may be a good idea to have a pair of each on hand, and so everyone is happy.

For 90% of those who are reading this, I recommend you stop here and choose one of the first two options on the list.

For those who still want more, let’s continue …did you see the best earbuds under 50.

  1. Extreme Isolation EX-29

Extreme Isolation EX-29 are a pair of unique headphones designed with a specific goal in mind:

Maximum isolation

Designed by a battery and designed FOR batteries…

These headphones compete with the isolation of many industrial hearing protectors!

Oddly enough, when reading their features they only have 29dB of noise attenuation. It’s an impressive number, if … But there are many other headphones that offer an equal or even higher number. However, from both personal experience and the opinions of users, it is clear that the EX-29s isolate the sound better than any of them.

The explanation for earbuds under 50 reviews

According to product descriptions, most headphones measure attenuation only on ONE frequency. But the EX-29 measures the MEDIA attenuation in a WIDE range of frequencies. And as we all know, low frequencies are MUCH harder to block than high frequencies. Although I agree that they are uglier than a demon, if your priority number 1 is to obtain maximum isolation… I strongly recommend you take a look. It would be very easy to spend a lot of money and choose the 10 best and most expensive, but we have selected headphones for all tastes and all types like the best of 2017 and 2018. We have from less than 20 euros to 1000 euros, so that there is a wide range to choose from.

From the cheapest headphones to the most expensive headphones, to watch movies or to take those on the street, small headphones or with bluetooth, and of course the best headphones to listen to music. Wireless headphones are most often used at home or to be carried with us when we do not want cables to bother us. The most popular format to transmit music wirelessly is Bluetooth, but we must bear in mind that we are going to sacrifice some sound quality. Some of the new headphones support aptX Bluetooth that offers better sound quality. Have a look at the earbuds under 50 reviews.

It is not going to be an easy task to buy the best headphones, especially if you do not know what type you are interested in buying. Here you have a small summary with the main advantages and disadvantages when buying one or the other. These are the headphones that we considered that we had to talk about them. Now comes the most complicated part, choose. If what you are looking for is a headset that has a quality sound in bass and treble, that is comfortable and that you can control your Apple device , we are without a doubt with the Sennheiser MM 30 since for about 32 € you will have what you are looking for as the earbuds under 50 reviews.

We are already preparing several posts with comparisons of headphones to shed a little more light on this crucial issue and thus help you choose the headphones that suit you according to your tastes and especially your budget.

Top 5 Wine Destinations of the World

All of us love wine, and they need not have to be cocktail as even the mocktail ones will do good on a special occasion. So if you are a wine-lover as well, here are some of the wine destinations that you have to know in order to get the best wine from around the world, since you don’t get to take a sip of them very often.,

Top 5 Wine Destinations of the World

so let’s get to the list:

Okanagan Valley, British Columbia:

Okanagan is one of the best places in the world for wine tasting. Some of the best quality world across the globe are found here. In case if you didn’t know, there are a lot of grape varieties, and each of them carries a special taste when they are made into wine. Okanagan alone has about 60 different types of grapes growing there and is the reason as to why we called Okanagan as the home of wine and the place belongs to the province of British.

Finger Lakes in NewYork:

After giving the credits of first place to Columbia British, it is the Finger Lakes that is located in the New York zone. With more than 100 wineries present in that particular location, there is a large scope for making and that is the reason as to why they are termed as the largest winemakers located in one of the major locations of the world. Work takes places day in and day out here as grapes are seasonal, but wine is required all through the year.

Bordeaux, France:

Bordeaux is the third largest producer of wine across the win. But when it comes to quality and taste, it surpasses all the others in the world. This is largely recognised as the hometown of wines, and a lot of people visit this place every single year only to get the taste of the wine that is manufactured. You can also be a part of the tour and then get an opportunity to taste some of the amazing wine breeds of the world.


Next, on the list, we have Spain, again one of the largest known places when it comes to wine.  The funniest part of calling Spain the largest producer of wine in the world is that in Spain the growth of grapes is pretty much less here and grapes very scarcely grow here. But with the grapes that they get from the neighbouring countries like America and France and most grape produce there.


Argentina is again one of the top-notch producers of wine in and around the US continental. There is close to 8% growth in the production of wine that hasn’t taken place in any other country. While others remain to sit tight in their positions, it was Argentina that came out with this development of about 8% that is quite unimaginable.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

Wine, despite being a drink with alcoholic content, it is considered healthy in a lot of cases, and probably that is the reason as to why people across the globe make it a point to consume wine at certain quantum on a regular basis. So there are a lot of reasons to consider wine a healthy drink and as to why it is not unhealthy even if you are going to consume it on a regular basis. Since there are a lot of wine varieties, it is better that you choose the appropriate type that fits your body and the weather conditions of this place. So here are some of the health benefits of drinking wine.

 Benefits of Drinking Wine

Reduces Heart Disease:

Be it a stroke, different heart diseases or heart attack, people who consume wine on a regular basis are believed has fewer risks in all aforesaid cases. Wine keeps your heart healthy, and thereby it prevents different heart ailments when consumed in right quantities. Specifically saying Red Wine when consumed in right quality on a regular basis contains elements called the procyanidins. This element prevents heart diseases on a large scale.

Alzheimer’s disease:

As we grow, old people tend to lose memory and tend to forget things. They also might become a victim of weak limbs and other such conditions. But consuming wine as a part of your day to day diet routine can highly reduce the chances of a person suffering from conditions like Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is the condition that is similar losing your memory and mind doesn’t have track of things that it did in the past, nor it does in the present.

Reduces Diabetes:

Did you ever know that wine could control diabetes? Yes, weird but it is true. In most of the cases what people go through as far as diabetes is concerned in the type-2 one and diabetes, these days have gone way too common, and this is because of the changing diet patterns that we have today. However, making wine a part of your diet can act on your diabetes and kill it. Not you have a cool reason to drink wine, don’t you?

Fights cancerous cells:

This is the biggest of all the health facts listed here. Wine has in it the potential to act on the cancer cells and kill them. A particular type of cancer called the colon cancer can be cured by consumption of wine. A research organisation worked on the same and came down to a reliable conclusion that, wine can reduce almost 45% of chances of colon cancer cells spreading in your body.

Quits Cataracts:

Many people today suffer from cataracts. Cataract is a condition where the eyeball loses its ability to see due to the clouding of the lens. In such cases, the retina goes opaque, and person loses the ability to see. This is what happens in cataract. Instead of getting through the phase and reviving yourself through surgery, you can drink wine to reduce the chances of cataract beforehand.


Start Your Own Wine Group

Many of you have asked for information on how to start your own Wine Club. Here is our guide to beginning your life long journey of learning and enjoying wine the “Diva Way”.

We want to support as many of you as we can in getting started. Let us know how it is going. We look forward to hearing all of the great stories and the “new” club names that you will create.

Divas Uncorked started in 1999 with a simple goal….to learn about wines with each other in a fun and relaxed way. Over the years, our wine club has grown in ways that we could not have imagined.

Start your own wine club experience and create a wine club that fits your lifestyle.

Good Luck!

What is a wine varietal?

In case you are wondering, a wine “varietal” is a wine made primarily from one variety of grape like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Chardonnay. Many people don’t realize that wine can be made out of many kinds of fruit – blueberries, peaches, strawberries- anything that ferments. However, grapes are the most traditional base for wine. Since there are literally thousands of varietal wines, here is a helpful list from wineanswers.com of the most common:

Chardonnay – Chardonnay is one of the most popular white grape varieties in America, as well as the white grape of the Burgundy region of France. This wine is very easy to enjoy thanks to its full, round body and buttery, apple-y flavors which are often laced with toastiness (the latter comes from the oak barrels used in making most Chardonnays).

Chenin Blanc tends to taste of apples, pears, tropical fruits. It tends to be dry to semi-dry, and goes well with chicken, seafood, and fish. The wine ends up a golden color, or a deep, rich amber. It has a very fruity (sometimes sweet) taste. The flavor is a combination of apricot, peach, mango, melon or other sweet fruits. There is often a nutty smell to it as well.

Pinot Gris/Grigio –Like Pinot Blanc, one of the white grapes of the Pinot family, and like Riesling, Pinot Grigio loves cold climates. The most renowned Pinot Grigios come from the northernmost regions of Italy, especially those regions that border the Alps, as well as Alsace, where it is known as Pinot Gris. In the U.S., Oregon is emerging as the top state for producing delicious, lively Pinot Gris with light almond, lemon and vanilla flavors.

Sauvignon Blanc – The famous white grape of the Sancerre region of France as well as New Zealand. Sauvignon Blanc also grows in Bordeaux (where it is usually blended with Semillon), South Africa, and in California and Washington state. Its wonderfully wild, untamed flavors are often reminiscent of grass, herbs, green tea and limes, often overlaid with a smokiness. In California, Sauvignon Blanc can also take on green fig and white melon flavors.

Riesling – Riesling is the renowned white grape of Germany, Austria and the Alsace region of France, though it is also popular in Washington state, New York state, and certain parts of California and Australia. This grape loves to grow in cold climates and when it does, it can exhibit exquisite delicacy and elegance with light peach and slightly mineral flavors.

Cabernet Sauvignon – Often called the “king” of red grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon is, along with Merlot, the famous grape of Bordeaux. It is also grown in other renowned wine regions throughout the world including California, Washington state, Italy, Australia, and Chile. Cabernet Sauvignon possesses what can be an impressive structure along with deep, rich cassis flavors.

Malbec is popular in Argentina and Chile. This black grape creates a rustic, mid-bodied wine, but is most often used in blending with other wines. This wine is great with pork, veal and spicy foods.

Merlot – The most widely planted grape in Bordeaux, the red grape Merlot is also grown in most of the same places as Cabernet Sauvignon. In fact, the two are often blended. Because Merlot in general has somewhat less tannin than Cabernet Sauvignon, it often feels softer on the palate. Its flavors often run to mocha and boysenberry.

Syrah/ Shiraz – Shiraz is the leading grape of Australia and the classic red grape of the northern Rhone Valley of France (where it is known as Syrah). It is also grown throughout southern France. In the late 1980s and 1990s, California vintners also became increasingly fascinated by the grape. The wine often has an unmistakable whiff of white pepper along with wild gamey, boysenberry flavors.

Pinot Noir – One of the most renowned red grapes in the world, Pinot Noir is known for its supple silky texture and mesmerizing earthy flavors. Pinot Noir, like Riesling, requires a cold climate and its ancestral home is the cool Burgundy region of France. The grape, which is very difficult to grow and make into wine, is also grown in Oregon and California but rarely elsewhere.

Rose is very similar to White Zinfandel but less sweet. This medium dry wine has many of the berry flavors and works well with pasta, fish and pork.

Viognier is becoming a favored white wine, as its depth of character and complexity is greater than the current white favorite, Chardonnay. Viognier is noted for spice, floral, citrus, apricot, apple and peach flavors. It typically produces medium bodied wines with relatively high acids and fruit. Great with all meats and spicy foods.

White Zinfandel is a pale-rose wine that’s very sweet. White Zinfandel is delicious with cream-based-sauce with pasta, with fish, pork, and other “lighter” meals. It tends to have citrusy and light flavors – orange, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, cherry.

Zinfandel – The much loved red grape of California, Zinfandel is grown in few areas of the world. In fact, its history has been mysterious. Zinfandel has recently been established as being identical to the Italian grape Primitivo. Zinfandel has a mouth-filling, thick berryness that is sometimes described as being jammy or chewy. White zinfandel (not a separate grape variety) is made when zinfandel grapes are fermented without their dark purple skins.

Now that you’ve had a brief introduction to a few basic varietal wines, you will have a better idea of where to focus your attention on the wine list. But most importantly, remember that there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to wine – especially when trying new types of wine. Discovering and learning about wine with your date can be a great way for you to be adventurous together.

Mia M. Barnes

Mia M. Barnes is the founder of Divas Uncorked. It was all fun and creativity for Mia, right from the very young age. She wanted to push all her fun and creative to a center and zone and pull off something that would help her bring people together. Being a people-centric person herself, she came out with the idea of Divas Uncorked and today she has reached wherever we are today and the rest, as they say, is history.


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