Wine is a fantastic thing. We love talking about wine, knowing about wine, researching about wine, and, of course, drinking it too. Today’s post is about the most popular varieties of wine: what they are, how they taste, and where they are produced. If you are a wine fanatic or a potential winemaker, then this article is for you. On the last page, as an extra bonus, you will find an impressive infographic on all the varieties of wine that exist in the world.

# 10 Red wines: Merlot

Merlot is, without a doubt, one of the best known and most consumed varieties in the world. It is a smooth wine with an aroma of fruits and herbs and is produced in different parts of the world such as France, Chile, California, and Australia. According to experts, it is fantastic to accompany red meat.

# 9 Red wines: Cabernet Sauvignon

This type of wine is produced in the French region of Bordeaux, in the Napa Valley of California, and in Australia. It is stronger than the Merlot grape variety and is used to accompany some red meats and pasta. The pure variety of Cabernet Sauvignon is excellent, but it is also often mixed with other varieties such as Merlot to make tastier and more exclusive wines.

# 8 Red wines: Malbec

Malbec is also often used to accompany red meats and, in general, any dish with tomato sauce. It is native to the French region of Bordeaux, but it is also produced in large quantities in South America (Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay).

# 7 White wines: Chardonnay

We move on to white wines, which I personally enjoy the most. Chardonnay is a mid-season variety produced mainly in the United States (Nappa Valley, California), Australia, and New Zealand, and to a lesser extent in other regions of the world. It is one of the most versatile varieties since it is used to accompany different types of dishes. The Chardonnay grape is the one used to produce champagne.

# 6 White wines: Sauvignon Blanc

It is native to France and is also produced in large quantities in Australia. It is one of the most robust and tasty varieties among white wines. What makes it very attractive, in addition, is that its quality does not depend too much on the aging time, therefore it is more accessible in economic terms.

# 5 White wines: Riesling

It is lighter than Chardonnay, and also more accessible as it is produced and imported in more countries around the world. It is also very popular, thanks to its two variants: sweet. With fruit flavors, and dry, with herbs and lemon. It is a special wine to consume with white meats.

# 4 Rose wines: Rose Pinot

Rose wines tend to be regarded as of lower quality, but this is totally false, especially for the Rose Pinot variety of wines. This variety of grape produces one of the most versatile, and therefore popular, wines in the world. The rosé wines are refreshing, especially for summer eating as a snack.

# 3 Rose wines: Merlot Rose

Merlot Rose is a smooth and refreshing wine. It is one of the lightest varieties of rosé wines, just after Pinot Noir. It is produced mainly in Bordeaux (France), Spain, and South America.

# 2 Foamed wines: Shiraz

The foamed wines, also known as sparkling wines or wines gasified are popular toast and snacks. However, they are also very good to accompany the main dishes. This is the case of wines produced based on the Syrah grape, which is robust and “structured on the palate” (as the experts say).

# 1 Foamed wines: Champagne

And we come to one of the most prestigious and exclusive wines in the world. Champagne is a foamed wine produced with the Chardonnay grape, therefore it is a variety of white wine. Champagne is an appellation of origin, therefore only wine produced in the Champagne region of France can be called champagne. Champagne-type wines produced in other parts of the world should be called sparkling.