Founded in 1909, Dorothy Perkins have risen up over the decades to become one of the most renowned and established clothing brands in the British high streets. By today’s date and time, Dorothy Perkins have been able to open over a staggering six hundred stores all over the United Kingdom along with expanding their brand to an astounding number of fifty countries over the world. They make sure to provide their customers with the very finest along with a range of deals which are simply too good to turn down. Still confused why it doesn’t get better than Dorothy Perkins? Read on to find out everything about this iconic brand:

Trend Setters

Dorothy Perkins have constantly strived hard to not only be able to remain a step ahead of the world of fashion and offer the customers something unimaginably beguiling, but also has remained substantially responsible for shaping its very structure. The nature of fashion is to constantly shift and adapt to the mindset of society as a whole and adapts itself in accordance. The evolution which Dorothy Perkins was able to embrace at a very early stage lead to the creation of a diverse and eclectic collection which left its mark forever in the history of fashion. In the 1920s, Dorothy Perkins became extremely well known for selling a popular pair of bras. This further lead to the promotion of the miniskirt which was further propelled to prominence by Mary Quant, a reputed brand of the 1960s.

Dorothy Perkins will never stop its journey of evolving as a brand. Recently, a special magazine is being published under its name with the aim of updating the readers with the latest and trendiest bits of fashion and haute couture. The editions have been made available online for easy accessibility by anyone to read it on the go and update themselves with the newest buzz in town!

Discounts & Vouchers 

Dorothy Perkins is one of those brands where the customer can expect to purchase quality clothes at a bargain of the original rates. Regularly, a fantastic set of deals and offers are offered to the clients which are simply too good to let go of. Examples of the various offers offered by Dorothy Perkins include coupons which could be availed with the help of a Dorothy Perkins voucher code. Coupons such as these come with an amazing series of discounts which will depend on the Dorothy Perkins voucher code which one has in their ownership.

Other examples of the different kinds of discounts and vouchers which one has been able to avail in the past have included free worldwide deliveries. An opportunity to avoid any charges was given to customers. The condition was to pick up the items from the store itself before 6 pm. The online branch of Dorothy Perkins provides a series of great discounts on a variety of items. Students are given special discounts and benefits from Dorothy Perkins. Purchasing products online could give you the unique opportunity to have thirty percent of the original price get slashed off, while purchasing from a physical store may give you the opportunity to shop your tastes at an incredible discount of twenty-five percent.

The Dorothy Perkins Discount Code

From free shipping to discount codes, Dorothy Perkins makes sure to keep their customers happy and content. One is allowed to use more than a single Dorothy Perkins voucher code while shopping. Simply put in your Dorothy Perkins voucher code into the ‘Redemption” box and activate the offer and redeem its benefits! All the latest Dorthy Perkins voucher codes could be found on the website. Hurry up before the time runs out!

Dressing right

The one thing which Dorothy Perkins is extremely proud of is the very collection of clothing which they are able to offer to the clients who are looking for the perfect piece to suit a specific style or occasion. Dorothy Perkins is richly stocked with a vast amount of clothing styles meant for various styles. It equips a person with the ability to look the part for the right occasions.

What to wear for different occasions?

We all have doubts when it comes to choosing an attire to wear on a particular day in front of a particular gathering. Dorothy Perkin helps you select what to wear and how to style it on particular occasions and events. When it comes to dressing casually, Dorothy Perkin suggests you to sport a t-shirt and short combo. It is as basic as it can be. They also have a tip to keep in mind, which is to dress according to a venue. So when you dress casually keep in mind what place you are going and dress accordingly. When it a casual weekend, sport a look combining a shirt and a capree or an informal pant. When you have a business meeting to attend, they advise sticking to the formal dress code that is crisp formal shirt with formal matching pants. They have a lot more in stock when it comes to suggesting dresses according to occasions.

Wedding dressing tips

We all have trouble deciding our clothes when it comes to dressing for a wedding night. Dorothy Perkin suggests you to keep in mind the time and venue of the function. If the invitation does not suggest what to wear, wear something keeping in mind the relationship you have with the guests. If they are close to you, dress your best and accordingly.

All these tips and tricks are a win-win for us all, and all this is because of this lovely label who knows what is right for you and what not. They know exactly how dressing works and how time and occasion can decide what you wear. The biggest tip of all times would be to dress according to your comfort level. Be what you are and not let other factors decide your comfort zone and dressing style.

So wear to express not to impress.