Feeling pained on your tooth? Do not wait too long seeking help from a dentist, as first, you would never want to bear the pain of an aching tooth for a long time and second, you would never want to have an incomplete set of teeth.

Saving your tooth is better than losing them and replacing it with false teeth. The best and most successful way to save an extremely decayed tooth is the root canal procedure. This procedure can either be performed by an endodontist or a dentist. But, needless to say, whoever it is who will perform the treatment, it should be the most trusted and reliable, especially that it is not the most basic tooth procedure being performed in dental clinics.

Many dental clinics around you can seek help from, but the biggest question is “which amongst them to consult?”. To help you find the best dental clinic where the root canal procedure is performed, read through below.

Where To Get Root Canal Procedure

Consider the following when choosing a dental clinic to seek root canal services:

  • Highly recommended by your friends/relatives

Ask around your friends and relatives who went through root canal procedures on the dental clinics or at least dentists they can recommend. Is the dentist who performed their root canal procedure did a good job? If yes, visit the dentist immediately, if not, delete them from your options and look somewhere else.

If no one within your inner circle went through this kind of procedure, check on the internet. The happiest and most satisfied patients will surely post their overwhelming appreciation and gratitude to the dentist or clinic that performed the procedure, same as with unhappy and dissatisfied patients, posting their complaints, rants, and dismay.

  • Call or visit their clinic

The best way to assess not only their service but their employees is by calling or visiting their clinic. The root canal is not a one day process, it takes a frequent visit to dentists until the entire procedure is completed. You would not want to deal with a dentist even receptionists or dental assistants who do not know how to treat their patients with respect.

Welcoming you with a great smile as you step into the clinic is a good way to break your fear of visiting the dentist. When you visit their clinic, you may want to check the clinic itself, is the clinic clean? Is their comfort room well maintained and sanitized? Are their magazines up to date? All these are important details to incorporate on how well they keep their services up to date and accurate. If simple bathroom cleaning is a job they cannot do right, what more with cleaning their dental tools?

This is also a good way to know the dental clinic’s accessibility to public transportation or parking lot. Root canal procedure takes numerous visits to clinics, and having a hard time going to their clinics is not the most ideal.

  • Get references

The best way to know how well they perform root canal treatment is by asking patients who experience their service first hand. Ask for a list of their previous root canal patients and call them. When calling them, it is important that you immediately introduce yourself and inform them of the purpose of your call, as you would not want them to feel they are being called by an intruder.

Ask questions like, are they happy with the result of their root canal treatment? Is the clinic or dentist easy to contact? And so on. Ask only relevant questions as you would not want to waste your time and their time as well.

  • Ask questions

So you can assess their knowledge and your expectations as well, ask questions related to the service. Some of the questions to ask are:

  • “Am I a good candidate for this treatment? If not, what can work best for me?”
  • “How painful it is to undergo root canal? If your tolerance to pain is very minimal, you also have to ask for a possible workaround to subside the pain”
  • “If I do not want to undergo a root canal, what should I expect?”
  • “Who will perform the root canal procedure, is it a dentist or an orthodontist?”
  • “How long is the entire process of root canal takes, from the first appointment to complete healing?”
  • “Will you administer anesthesia during the procedure?”
  • “Are there any risks I should expect when I decide to undergo the procedure?”
  • “After a root canal, how long will my tooth/teeth last?”
  • “Is there a possibility of a need for a second root canal?”
  • “How much does the procedure cost?” – this is not to choose the dentist who is asking for the lowest price but to give you an idea of how much you have to prepare
  • “Does a crown required after the procedure? If so, is it included on my package or do I have to pay it separately?”
  • “How many patients you performed root canal procedures?”
  • “What should I do after the procedure? Maintenance and the like”

The more questions you ask, the better. You would never want to end up regretting because you go through a procedure that you do not have any idea about.

Root canal procedure can give strength back to your tooth. Hence, it is only necessary that you immediately seek help from a dentist or orthodontist before your chance of saving your tooth will all be gone.