How often do you wonder about having a clean carpeted floor? A dream that seems to be completely irrelevant to the reality. Carpeted floors are a foe to cleanliness and a friend to stains and dirt if not taken care of properly, which is no less than a headache for the carpeted floor lovers. They are always looking for best carpet cleaning Las Vegas, which are not very easy to find and do require some research, as there is so much of choice.

No matter how much care you put in to keeping the carpets clean, there might be a pet that’ll forget where to poo or there will be that one rainy day or that one kid of your guests or relatives that will ruin it all, all the hours you had put in maintenance and for that you need to find the best carpet cleaning Las Vegas service, leaving behind stubborn stains and putrid scent. Well, not that we don’t know, every problem comes with a solution. All your carpet requires from you is a little care and maintenance, every now and then, which is no big deal. But should be done the right way or can damage the carpet and that is the last thing you want, if you have something very expensive. Let’s dig deeper into the solution.

There are a million ways that have been used to clean carpets, but were talking about them, are we? Powdered carpet cleaners and carpet shampoos are the most widely applied solutions in this matter of people vs. unclean carpets. Taking powdered carpet cleaners into consideration first. Steps for using it:

  • The powder is to be sprinkled evenly in a considerable quantity.
  • Advisably, read the specific instructions for every distinct brand, leave it there for a minimum of 30 minutes, but preferably let it stay there for several hours and you might get better results.
  • Vacuum the left-over powder and you’ll have a shiny odorless carpet at your service.

The second way is using the dedicated carpet cleaning shampoos. First of all, as mentioned before, every brand might have a different requirement, for e.g. a brand would ask you to dilute their shampoo before using it, others might not. There are no major differences but these small ones making all the difference in the world. The process in steps:

  • Spread the diluted or undiluted shampoo evenly on the targeted area.
  • Don’t over use the shampoo as it will take longer to dry.
  • Use a hard bristled brush to gently scrub the area containing the stains.
  • Let the shampoo sit for the advised time, preferably let it dry.
  • Vacuum the residue after it has been dried.

How is it done?

While there are a number of ways to implement the cleaning process, let’s look at the most preferred methods here.

Hot water extraction

This process goes hand-in-hand with steam cleaning. Popularly known as HWE, this process involves spraying hot water mixed with a few cleaning chemicals on the carpet. At the same time, the water along with any dissolved dirt will be vacuumed out. This method is sought after by many manufacturers as one of the best cleaning methods. If you want to get this done the right way, you can go in for some good service, it is important that best carpet cleaning Las Vegas service is hired by you.


As opposed to the above method this one uses only dry components. Involving techniques which include very low moisture (VLM), this method uses cleaning solutions coupled with dry components. With high speed drying time this method is growing popular among the carpet cleaning community. The requirement of labor is also reduced in this particular cleaning process.

Going the professional way

As said, carpet cleaning can be tricky. The stain, the dirt and the invisible dust all dislodged into the carpet can become a nightmare to clean. That is when many go for the option of getting help from the professionals. A number of professional carpet cleaners are available in the market that use a variety of methods to get it cleaned. Some use soaps and detergents, some go with chemicals and extractions and there are a few who chose to do it with electrolyzed water too.

Well powdered carpet cleaners might offer a faster solution for this matter but carpet shampoo will give it a deeper clean, both of them are better from their other in their own aspect. Always keep in mind, whenever you are trying a new way of cleaning your carpet, test it on a small area first. Secondly, mostly small stains or odors can be dealt just by tonic water and baking soda, which eliminates the foul smell hiding in the fibers of your carpet. It is your choice whether you want to go in for professional or do it yourself, each one has pros and cons.