Sipping Sense

‘Sipping Sense’ is a wine and travel column by Divas Uncorked featured in the bi-monthly travel magazine, Odyssey Couleur. Read our column in this issue:

Ports of Call…Along the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is almost totally enclosed by land. Its’ waves reach out to touch the shores of Europe , Africa , and Asia , providing a vehicle for all types of exchange. The Mediterranean coast is divided into the Languedoc-Rousillion (France) area from the Spanish border to the Rhone region and the Provence area from Marseille to Italy.

In turn, the Mediterranean is a place defined by mixture and motion—the collision of cultures, languages, foods, traditions, religions, people, art, music, architecture and perhaps most delectably?WINE. Mediterranean wines reflect the diversity and variance of their region. This diversity lends Mediterranean wines a true complexity and excitement. Let’s journey these waters to explore some of the most fascinating areas for enjoying wine.