So many people have adopted the culture of watching movies online rather than watching from theaters or cinemas. In the past, people used to wait for a specific day, pay for a theater, and get a ticket to watch a specific movie. Nowadays, you do not have to wait for so long to watch your movie. We have websites such as the putlocker9 with a variety of movies to watch. Watching has been made easier these days and so many people prefer watching movies online rather than waiting to watch in the cinemas. There is a reason for that. Let us take a look at some of the reasons as to why people prefer online to cinemas

Freedom of watching

For those who have been to theaters or cinemas, we all know the restrictions that come with movie watching. There are also rules that you must follow for you to finish watching the movie or else, you will be kicked out. With online movie technology, there are no restrictions at all. You do not have to finish watching a boring movie either. You can choose what you want to watch and what you do not want to watch. You have an opportunity to watch tons of movies in different types and categories. You can also watch old movies and also the latest movies. The good thing is that you will get to watch the latest movie immediately after it is released. Sounds like fun right? Well, that is how watching movies online grant us freedom of watching. Websites such as putlocker9 give you all the freedom you want when it comes to watching movies. With these sites, you can start watching a movie and jump to another one if that is boring. You can pause and do some other work and still resume to finish your movie. You can eat food while watching, unlike some theaters and cinemas who do not allow food to eat while watching. You can laugh cry and even choose your watching posture. Well, that said, there is a lot of freedom granted to viewers when it comes to watching movies online than watching in cinemas.

Cheaper to watch movies online than in cinemas

The procedure of watching movies in cinemas involves paying for a movie ticket before watching the movie. This means that you have to spend money to watch your favorite movie. On the other hand, you can still watch the same movie online and spend very little on data or the internet. The good thing about watching online is that you will get to watch at home while in cinemas, you also have to spend money on transportation then pay for the movie. When you do the calculations, you will find that watching a movie in theaters or cinemas is expensive than watching movies online. When you watch online, you save a lot. All you will require is some money to purchase data otherwise, others do not even spend a dime because they have WIFI internet installed at their locality. Money for transport and paying for the movie makes watching movies in theaters more expensive than watching movies online.

Saves on time

Everyone knows how time is very important. As the saying goes, time is money. Therefore, when you waste time, you are probably wasting money. Time might make it impossible to watch the kind of movie that you would like to watch. With cinemas, you will need to be early to watch your movie or else, you might end up being late for the first scenes. Watching online means, you have an opportunity to watch the movie that you want at your preferred time. You do not have to set a specific time for you to enjoy the movie that you like. Also, the time that you spend traveling to reach that theater for you to watch that movie is like a waste of time. Nowadays, you can look for a movie website, and within no time, you will be watching the movie that you desire a lot. With online watching, you will not have to line up to buy a ticket to watch a movie. Millions might be watching the same movie as you online but that does not mean that you have to queue to watch the movie. You all get to watch the movie at the same time in different localities. Therefore, it is clear that watching movies online is a good time saver. You do not even need to move your body to watch. Also, you will not need to travel long distances to catch up with a movie episode in a theater. All you will need to do is use your fingers and get to find the movie site of your choice and watch your favorite movie without wasting time.


Comparing cinema movie watching online movie watching, so many people prefer online movie watching. There are so many innovations and technology has also advanced these days. Therefore, you can easily stream through your favorite movie anywhere and at any time. You do not have to struggle to get entertained. You need not move even an inch for you to enjoy your movie. You can even decide to watch from your bed and in the middle of the night. Due to these reasons, watching online is preferred over going to cinemas or theaters.